Fresh Skin Moisturising Olive Scrub

Moisturising Olive Scrub Product Shot

Gently exfoliates while leaving skin moisturised

Product Description

This scrub with all natural exfoliants, smoothes and re-energises the skin. Olive oil nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised.

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Moisten face with water. Dispense product onto fingertips and massage over face. Rinse with water. Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. For best results, use daily.

Product Claims

Non-irritating • With 100% natural moisturisers • Formulated without parabens and phthalates • Dermatologist-Tested • No Animal-Derived Ingredients • Made with natural ingredients

Key Ingredients
  • Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract
    Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract »
    OLIVE OIL AND OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT: Both of these ingredients are rich in skin-softening glycerides, which means they not only cleanse gently, they can help to improve your skin’s appearance with easily absorbed moisture. They also offer multiple benefits:
  • Jojoba
    Jojoba »
    JOJOBA: Hard to pronounce (“ho-HO-bah”), but easy to love. This 100%, natural, gentle exfoliant originated as an oil from a shrub native to the Southwest United States. Its moisturising properties help to smooth skin and leave it feeling beautiful.
  • Chamomile
    Chamomile »
    CHAMOMILE may be a small daisy-like flower, but it’s a mighty force of nature, indeed. This calming, soothing herb plays an integral part in conditioning and moisturising your skin, as well as providing calming comfort.
  • Vitamin E
    Vitamin E »
    VITAMIN E is so versatile and powerful, it’s found in our most popular products. It’s known as an ultra-protective antioxidant, helps to fight signs of skin aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and keeps your skin to stay balanced moisture-wise every day.